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Protect your email addresses with EmailEncoder

The reason that spam keeps showing up in your inbox is more obvious than most people think - you expose them on your website. With EmailEncoder you can publish your own and others' email addresses on your website with a clear conscience.

Technical description

EmailEncoder is an ASP.NET HTTP module which can be installed on any ASP. NET based webiste. You don't have to make any changes on your site since EmailEncoder is installed "on top" of it.

EmailEncoder filters all ASP.NET sites that are sent to the clients. When an e-mail address or e-mail link is found it will be coded and no longer readable in normal ways for the person who access your site. When the browser loads the site, the e-mail address will be decoded and clickable for the user.

The sniffer program which access sites and search for e-mail addresses will not find e-mail addresses, nor e-mail links, since they're not visible in "clear text"