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Protect your email addresses with EmailEncoder

The reason that spam keeps showing up in your inbox is more obvious than most people think - you expose them on your website. With EmailEncoder you can publish your own and others' email addresses on your website with a clear conscience.


A growing problem is the constantly increasing amount of spam. Through the
exposure of email addresses on websites, so-called sniffers can simply build email
lists which are then used to send out spam. EmailEncoder protects email addresses from being picked up by these "sniffers" by encrypting published email addresses, resulting in that only a part of the address is visible to the visitor. The software also have three different types of additional protection devices; Confirm protector, Math protector and Captcha protector. When a visitor clicks on the part of the email address that is visible a, by the administrator selected, protection dialog pops up. Once the visitor have passed the protection element the whole email address will be visible. It is also possible to link the email address to a form and connect it to the above three security functions. This means that the address never will be exposed on the website. The software works with or without javascript.

EmailEncoder 2.0 takes efficiency and simplicity in account. After a brief installation process the editor nor the administrator need to do anything - the software takes care of itself. EmailEncoder 2.0 is also CMS independent, which means that it can be installed at all .Net-based sites. It can be used on a Microsoft Internet Information Server and requires no change of the existing website, it works as a filter out to the Web client. As the filter is installed centrally, no revision of the e-mail addresses that are already published on the website are required