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Simplify your imaging with ImageVault

ImageVault adds media banks and imaging functions to EPiServer. Improve and streamline your work with media files by storing them all on one place, make them searchable and automatically create different format.

Order a ImageVault license

ImageVault can be ordered by your EPIServer partner. You can also get ImageVault through EPIServer Create+. If you currently don't have an EPIServer partner you are more than welcome to contact us and we will help you get right on track.

Geting started with ImageVault

We recommend that your EPIServer partner implements the installation of ImageVault. By only running the installation guide, pictures from ImageVault can be added through a button in the text editor of EPIServer. To get the full potential of ImageVault you should use image properties, which means that you have to do some changes in those site templates thats gonna contain pictures.

ImageVault can also be seen as as a toolbox with features that can be adapted to suited your needs and requirements. If you're going to create a public image bank, you need your EPIServer partner to design templates for this. Contact us for good examples and tips.

Information for partners

To order ImageVault, simply login at the top of this page. If you don't have a user
account you can create one through the register form. Once you are logged in you can generate demonstration and development licenses and access installation files

Contact us if you have any questions or other concerns